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Title: Song Title10/20/2014 3:38:26 PM
Hello i have been to your restaurant and ADORE your food! I just came on the website to see the hours and heard the beautiful music playing. Can i know the name of this song! Its really soothing and my friend would love to learn it on the piano!

Title: HORRIBLE Service10/2/2015 4:00:25 PM
I ordered my food at 6:08pm on October 2. It is now 7:03pm and my food is still not here.... I do not understand.. I live DIRECTLY across the street!! It should NOT EVER take this long to deliver a small order!!

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Title: this time not so happy1/7/2015 7:32:42 PM
crispy chicken had little sauce and was dry. I am a reg customer and this time I am disappointed. I would expect a better quality esp. for regulars. I always tip at least 25 too. Not happy.

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