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Title: 9/17/2015 4:33:12 AM

Title: Ms8/4/2013 10:05:31 PM
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Title: Catering8/27/2015 10:20:35 AM
Hello! Do you provide off-site catering, including chafing trays and servers? We are looking for a chinese food catering service for our holiday party in December. Thanks! ~Casey

Title: 8/22/2014 9:16:23 AM
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Title: 8/20/2014 11:55:53 AM
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Title: question about veg menu8/15/2013 4:20:58 AM
Hello,I'm wondering about the sauces on your vegetarian "meat" dishes? Is fish sauce, chicken broth, or anything like that used? Thank you!

Title: 7/23/2016 6:33:20 PM

Title: Elizabeth Egan7/19/2013 3:17:22 PM
Hello- I love your vegetarian cuisine and used to come in almost every week. I stopped eating at your restaurant for over a year because of the inhumane tanks in which you house your fish. I stopped in again today in the hope that the situation had been recognized and changed, but it has not. The white goldfish you have can barely turn around and should be in a much larger habitat. The tank at the front door houses too many fish. I am telling you this because I am a vegetarian. We care about the treatment of other living things. You will regain my business (and the business of my many moralized friends), when this situation is remedied. Thank you,Elizabeth

Title: Ms6/30/2016 11:14:42 PM
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Title: Terrible Service6/2/2016 12:23:30 PM
I was in for a rude surprise when I visited your restaurant this past Saturday. Myself and my wife has frequented your restaurant over the last couple of years. We have gotten friendly with the staff and we often ask you to make us something not in the menu. This Saturday my brother in-law and his family was in town and they wanted to eat some good Chinese food. We decided to come to your restaurant. Our party was 6 adults 3 children and one infant. The waiter put 2 tables together and asked all of us to sit there. I said it wasn’t enough seating and requested him to put 3 tables together. He got agitated and wasn’t willing to do this. After I insisted he put the 3 tables in a triangle which was an awkward way to sit. I asked him again why he can’t put them in a row, to which he said no. He said it blocks the way to the restaurant. In my opinion it was possible to put the 3 tables together. At this point I said we are leaving. He seem not to care and asked us to leave. We proceeded to leave, but I thought I should talk to the manager. I went up to the counter and requested to speak to the manager. After I waited for a while the manager came. I told him I come to the restaurant regularly and didn’t appreciate the way we treated. He was rude and said “ what’s your fucking problem” and said “ fuck off get out of my restaurant”.Needless to say I will never step in to your restaurant and will spread this word to everyone I know. I will also lodge a complain with better business bureau. The only reason I thought of writing is because I am not sure whether it was the actual owner who abused me this way or if he was worker.

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