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Title: 2022/10/26 3:54:09
Hope you can appreciate my persistence; I have researched your brand online through multiple channels such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram and I have no doubt I can help you expand your brand to more locations through franchising. To learn more about our program for 2023 and book a quick follow up call between us please use the following calendar link: Best Regards, John Romney

Title: 2022/10/1 6:08:37
I've been eating Mongolian Beef and Orange Beef all my life. Eating Chinees food shouldn't require a knife. Those Mongolian and Orange beef are cut so huge, I need a knife to cut it.... This is a plain laziness of the food preparer..... CUT THEM THIN SLICE AND BITE SIZE!

Title: 2021/8/31 17:51:13
Do you have any gluten-free entrées with shrimp?

Title: 2021/8/18 22:53:09
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Title: 2021/6/6 18:18:20
My name is George VAughan. I just picked up order #58. We asked for vegetarian versions of three dishes. The Taiwan Noodles have what looks like shrimp and chicken. WHY? All three dishes clearly had the request in their special instructions.

Title: 2021/12/24 16:39:02
Hey, I am trying to get the status on my order, but your phone number is not working.

Title: 2021/12/16 13:22:30
Are you open on Christmas Day 2021?

Title: 2021/10/26 13:03:31
Hi, I'm Blair, I just noticed that there is the "error 500" appearing on some of your website pages. I'm pretty positive that those types of errors won't be appreciated by your customers and you are basically losing money as a result, plus they can significantly reduce the number of clicks from Google. I've decided to help and created the document for you with a few screenshots of errors and also indicated the links to the pages where they appear, hope it helps. Here's the link to the doc, check it out: Have a good day!

Title: 2021/10/12 15:46:19
There was an error in my previous email. Please do not share that you made it into the Top 5 for Best of the Best until October 27!!! Sorry for any confusion.

Title: 2021/10/12 15:35:24
Hello, I have great news but you must keep this a secret until October 17—you made it into the Best of the Best Top 5 for Best Chinese Restaurant! Please contact me so I can send you the details. Thanks, James Constantine Multimedia Marketing Consultant The Frederick News-Post Loudoun Times-Mirror (240) 215-8559 351 Ballenger Center Drive Frederick, MD 21703

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