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Title: 2017/12/11 16:05:47
Hello, I just ordered a large chicken Lo Mein with my delivery but I got fried rice instead. The food is very good but I'm a little disappointed about this. Thanks, Jeremy

Title: 2017/11/22 18:40:32

Title: 2015-08-08T13:17:32.693-07:00
Pork fried rice is not on your menu for dinner options. Trying to order a pick up and can't.

Title: 2015-07-24T09:22:09.697-07:00
Very disappointed. I have ordered online two seperate occasians I both times I was given the wrong o

Title: 2014-09-18T03:16:28.040-07:00
I love Chinese food, however being able to find great Chinese food is not easy. I live in Gettysburg

Title: 2014-01-02T17:54:55.498-08:00
This is the ONLY Chinese food I will order in Frederick. I promise if you love lo mein you will not find lo mein like theirs anywhere in MD or VA. They are not greedy with their flavors here! the lo mein is never dry I can tell you I have never ordered Lo Mein in Frederick and enjoyed it until I found this place. They make white meat only if you want and as spicey as you like. The customer service is awesome. you can get thai food too if you want and an extensive vegetarian menu. hands down best Chinese in Frederick .

Title: 2/15/2016 12:17:30 PM

Title: Jenny Miller12/9/2015 10:34:36 PM
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Title: Carmen12/18/2013 8:13:59 PM
i am carmen by name and i will like to place a pick order,i will like you to e mail me back at, or send me a text at 904) 458-7406

Title: Disappointed11/30/2013 8:23:16 AM
My coworker recommended your restaurant for its food and its friendly atmosphere. He and his wife eat there often. We agree with the food, we have ordered to take out a couple of times and my family think is one of the best in Frederick. Last night at around 5:30 pm my wife and I drove to the restaurant and decided to eat there for the first time. Unfortunately we did not feel good about the service; we think it was rough and unfriendly. The young Chinese woman who serve us seemed to be having a bad night, even though we were the only ones at the restaurant. She seemed to get upset when we asked her to describe a dish more carefully, all the time she served us she had a straight face and was quick to leave the dishes at our table with al lot of indifference that made us think that maybe we were upsetting her for being there. When she brought the Styrofoam containers for us to take our leftover food, she literally threw one at my wife, while she proceeded to put my food in one of the containers. We know that sometimes reading people from other cultures is difficult but we have been in lots of restaurants in our lives and know what good friendly service is. However, the worst thing that could have happened to us and what is causing me to write this complaint is that while we were there another couple arrived and our server delightfully greeted them with lots of smiles and attentions, it made us feel like second class citizens. We may order to take out again from your restaurant, but certainly we will not eat there again. $34.67 / $5.00 dollar tip.

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